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Warcraftolgy and LoA activities
our home for organizing group play
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29th-Jan-2008 10:18 am - Anyone need help?
If you have visited this site and can't figure out how to DO anything here, feel free to email me at druidfizz@gmail.com.  I'll be happy to help you get started (or fix whatever settings here I can to allow people from the guild(s) to post).  Ideally you would set up an account here at LiveJournal, even if you never set up your own journal or use it.  Just having a livejournal account and username would allow you to post to this community as your guild character.  Anyway, if folks have better ideas about how to organize group play within the guild, I'm open to those as well.  Happy questing!


P.S.  My list of group desires posted below is starting to slowly shrink.  I've recently done shattered halls runs and Caverns of time runs - see my own journal for posts on these.  Most of that list is still things I want to try to get done though.
23rd-Jan-2008 10:39 am - Fizz's current group requests
I'll get this started.  Here are the things I'm currently trying to accomplish that require groups:

    1. Make a complete run through Steamvaults to get a quest done there and complete a lvl70 instance

    2. Try the Shattered Halls instance at Hellfire Citidel (another lvl70 instance), but I haven't completed the quest chain to get the key for the gate that blocks the entrance to this instance.  So....I'd need to get that done first. Here's the WoWWiki link to the key and how to get it.  The last step is killing a Fel Reaver, so it'll require a group.  Toadjr may have one, and Azs could probably pick the lock, but I want a key so I'm not dependent on anyone else.  Once I have the key, I've got 3 quests to complete here.

    3. Make a complete run through the Shadow Labyrinth (the lvl70 instance in Auchindnoun).  I need to pick up quests for this too.

    4. Try the 3 non-raid lvl70 instances at tempest keep: The Botanica, The Mechanaar, and The Arcatraz.  I've got quests to get the two halves of the arcatraz key from the first two instances, and a quest to find someone in arcatraz.  I'm sure there are more quests to collect for these instances too.

    5.  I'd like to try more dungeons like Hellfire Ramparts in Heroic mode.  We tried this one a couple times and found heroic to be quite a challenge that really forces good teamwork and coordination.  I like that type of play, so I'd enjoy doing more of these.  Not to mention that the badges of justice you receive from bosses in heroics can be used to buy some nice phat loot....lol!

    6.  I'd really like to try the Caverns of Time instances like Escape From Durnehold Keep (Old Hillsbrad Foothills) and Opening the Dark Portal (the Black Morass).

    7. For those who think we are ready for the small raids (maybe not quite yet in my opinion, but getting there), you may or may not know that to do Karazhan (the first raid you must do - a 10 person raid) you must get a key called the Master's Key.  Everyone in the raid must have it.  There are a series of quests to get it detailed here, and you'll notice that they send you to steamvaults, shadow labs, arcatraz, and the Black Morass, so you gotta be able to do the lvl70 5-person dungeons first!

    8. Finally, in my short list of desires, is once I can get up to 5000g, I want to start the quest chains to get the druid epic flight form, and the quests to earn netherwing rep to get a netherdrake mount.  I'm only about half way there in gold, but eventually this WILL happen and parts of these quest chains/dailies require some group work.  For instance, the final step in the druid epic flight form chain is a quest to kill the raven god in Sethekk halls heroic mode.  I've been in groups that did all of Sethekk halls already, but doing it in heroic I haven't tried yet, so that could be great fun!

There you go! Those are Fizz's current group desires.  No problem right?  Anyone else interested in helping? Post your own group goals and then we can start making posts to organize instance runs on particular nights etc..  Hope this helped get things jump started.

Hello all.  If you are reading this, you got word on the game and took the time to find my site, make a journal of your own, and request being added to this community.  I'm hoping we can use this site to coordinate guild activities in both the Warcraftolgy and Legacy of Antonidas guilds.  I'm new to LiveJournal, but hopefully I can maintain this site well enough to have it be useful.  Please post comments and suggestions, as well as your adventuring wishes - be they instances or quests, or just the desire to have a question answered.

Also, this site is for organizing group play, not resolving conflicts.  If you have issues about the guild or people in it, please talk to the guild officers in-game, or at their own journals.  Lets keep this community just for coordinating group activities.  Thanks!

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