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Warcraftolgy and LoA activities
our home for organizing group play
Welcome! Please let me know what you think. 
23rd-Jan-2008 09:59 am
Hello all.  If you are reading this, you got word on the game and took the time to find my site, make a journal of your own, and request being added to this community.  I'm hoping we can use this site to coordinate guild activities in both the Warcraftolgy and Legacy of Antonidas guilds.  I'm new to LiveJournal, but hopefully I can maintain this site well enough to have it be useful.  Please post comments and suggestions, as well as your adventuring wishes - be they instances or quests, or just the desire to have a question answered.

Also, this site is for organizing group play, not resolving conflicts.  If you have issues about the guild or people in it, please talk to the guild officers in-game, or at their own journals.  Lets keep this community just for coordinating group activities.  Thanks!

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